mcnasty 18:28 03 Aug 09

ok now i thought i had the problem sorted now i have another issue, Now i have tested the ram and it works fine so what is the problem?

  woodchip 18:32 03 Aug 09

memory may have got wrongly allocated to some hardware etc, have you tried restore to before the problem

  mcnasty 18:40 03 Aug 09

hmmm well i havent got a restore point as i have just re-formatted the pc. :(

  GaT7 18:57 03 Aug 09

This seems to be very widespread problem (22K results in Google!), & 'faulty' RAM isn't usually to blame as such.

Here's a related search on the Microsoft site click here - something there might give you a few things to try.

One person on another forum suggested these as a possible fix (re-worded to make better sense):
- Remove & reseat the RAM modules
- Try with only one module at a time
- Check RAM voltages in the BIOS, & set to correct/default ones if different to its specs
- Check RAM modules against the manufacture's compatibility list for that particular motherboard
- Try another brand of RAM if possible (to rule out a possible compatibility problem as above)
- Try with another working PSU, & a more powerful one if possible. Wouldn't recommend buying a new PSU, so try to borrow one off a friend/neighbour perhaps.

All the best, G

  mcnasty 19:38 04 Aug 09

well it's weird i tested the ram and it said it was fine, but then i took out one stick of ram and left it to run on one gig and it works fine now, how strange!

  GaT7 19:50 04 Aug 09

What happens if you swap the RAM, again leaving just the one module?

What's the motherboard & RAM make & model please? Could be some compatibility issues with the two. G

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