Memory usage

  wednesday 13 14:40 07 Jul 07


I have recently found that masages frequently appear on various programmes saying that either the memory was unable to open certain proggrammes or that thememory was full and to close applications and try again.

I have run spyware and anti-virus proggrammes but my computer is clean, and I have changed my stat up settings so that unwanted proggrammes don't start up.

I have never had this problem before and my pc still seems to run at normal speed.

  postie24 14:47 07 Jul 07

Have you had a look in event viewer to see if there are actually any errors?

  wednesday 13 14:53 07 Jul 07

how do you get to that?

control panel>admin tools>event viewer

  wednesday 13 15:05 07 Jul 07

i can't see anything that is causing any problems

have a look what your virtual memory is set at
click here

  Totally-braindead 15:21 07 Jul 07

Goto START, RUN and type MSCONFIG and press enter. The last tab is startup and all programs that are loaded at startup are listed here. If you want to disable a program just remove the tick and the computer will then need to restart. Be careful what you untick as some programs are actually needed by windows to run, if you untick the wrong thing by accident you can start the PC in safe mode and retick the box.
Only disable the programs you can identify and don't need to run all the time, and keep track of what you disable so if you make a mistake you know which one to retick.
Many programs by default load themselves up at startup and its nonsense, if you want to use a particular program you just goto all programs and start it up, theres no need to have loads of programs running in the background all the time, especially if you're like me and only use some of them every couple of months.

  Quiet Life 16:36 07 Jul 07

You will not have problems with unticking any of the start up programs. Just leave ones you wish to run at start up such as antivirus. Some creep back in when you use the program so I regularly untick them all.

  wednesday 13 07:45 09 Jul 07

Thanks for your feedback, I looked at the 2 links and onsider the problem to be that I have 256 MB ram and the one link says that is minimum for XP.

I have already unticked boxes in msconfig and it doesn't really make much difference. As I am getting a new ram in a few weeks anyway, I'll see then if it was the size that mattered.

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