memory upgrade help plz

  nikef 15:06 20 Mar 07

hi,i want to upgrade my memory on my pc,could someone tell me if this is possible,or would it be best to buy new pc
here are my pc specs

microsoft windows xp
home edition
service pack 2
intel (r)
celeron (r) cpu 1.80ghz
248mb ram

  Alan H E 15:13 20 Mar 07

What do you want to use it for - the hard drive is small by todays standards & the CPU is dated. If everything is OK for you except memory then go to & see what you can get.

run the scan on here and it will tell you what options you have
click here

  nikef 15:49 20 Mar 07

thanks both of you
have run a scan and it says i can add a 512 mb
making the total memory 768mb
the pc is only for surfing and emails,i donnot do any downloading

  keef66 16:57 20 Mar 07

adding more memory is really the only way to improve a pc of that age / spec. Another 512mb should make XP run more smoothly.

Annoyingly it's often relatively expensive buying memory for older pc's; you might want to put the money towards a new pc.

  MAJ 17:02 20 Mar 07

What is the make and model of the PC, nikef? It seems to be a perfectly adequate PC for your requirements but it does need some more memory.

  nikef 18:07 20 Mar 07


my pc is a fujitsu siemens scenic p300
looked on pc world i can get 512 memory for it,for £30.00

  skidzy 18:24 20 Mar 07

You should be able to upgrade to 1GB possibly 2GB of ram,if you can afford it...go for two sticks of here

  MAJ 18:25 20 Mar 07

That's the way to go then, nikef, maybe even buy two of those modules and replace the 256MB module as well. So long as your requirements don't change, you don't need a new PC. Unless of course, you're like me and will use any excuse to get a PC, lol.

  skidzy 18:31 20 Mar 07

Ha ha MAJ...thats my reasoning for a new pc....who needs excuses hey :-)))

  MAJ 18:38 20 Mar 07

Lol, shusssssssshhhhhhh skidzy, my missus will hear you................

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