memory upgrade

  danke 21:09 26 May 03

I seek an advice over upgrading my PC's memory.Is it wright just to go to the shop and buy 516MB card or order it via internet? Do I have to consider a specific factors about my PC while purchasing memory? And when I get it, how to instal it?

  fitfella29 21:14 26 May 03

you have to know what kinda memory your motherboard will take,post what kind of motherboard you have and we can tell you what kind of memory you`ll need.

  clayton 21:17 26 May 03

you need to find out the make & model no of your motherboard so you know what type of memory it will take, you can use this software to fine out

click here

  fitfella29 21:19 26 May 03

once youve found out what kind of memory you need go here to order some : click here

now is a good time to buy memory as its dirt cheap and buying from crucial you cant go wrong they`ll usually have it delivered to you within 36 hours.

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