Memory Upgrade

I have a laptop and I would like to upgrade the memory. I currently have 3 Gb of ram in a configuration of a 1gb stick and a 2gb stick. My laptop has 4 available slots so I have two spare.

I am thinking of buying a 4 gb stick so that I have a total of 7gb. Will that be okay to have an odd amount? I know that I have to buy compatible memory to what I have in there, but will having a 1, 2 and 4 configuration affect the performance? Or should I try and sell the one and two gig sticks and have two lots of 4?

  birdface 08:39 26 Sep 10

Only if you use the 64Bit version.
If 32 bit version I believe anything above 4Gb is wasted.

Thanks I know all about the 32/64 bit OS, so these odd amounts of ram are ok?

  birdface 08:41 26 Sep 10

Let crucial scan your computer to see what you can get.

click here

  onthelimit 08:45 26 Sep 10

Depending on your operating system, I'd have thought 3Gb would be plenty.

Thats odd crucial says I only have 2 slots but SIW says I have 4. Suppose I have to open it and have a look.

  birdface 08:46 26 Sep 10

Hi Daz not sure.
Probably the only way to find out would be to try it.
Maybe better waiting for those that know to give you the advice that you want.
I only know about the 32 and 64 bit part.

Thanks onthelimit but thats no help at all!

  Miké 08:58 26 Sep 10

So are you running a 32 bit or 64 bit OS? you still haven't said!

At the moment 32 but when I upgrade I will get 64.

  onthelimit 10:26 26 Sep 10

Just trying to save you wasting cash, that's all!

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