Memory Upgrade

  effingpot 21:44 12 Feb 07

I'm trying to upgrade two PCs memory to help with performance.

Here are the two PC details - looking for confirmation that I'm ordering the right stuff.

PC 1 - MESH ELITE m800, has 2 x 512 PC3200 DDR 400MHz
PC 2 - MESH ELITE 2.6, has 2 x 256 PC2700 DDR 333 MHz.

Here are my questions.

1. I assume you cannot mix 400MHz and 333Mhz memory - right? (So I cannot mix those memories)
2. Each PC has 2 slots used and 2 slots free - does it need to be added in pairs? I guess so - not sure though.

I'm planning on buying 2 x 512 PC3200 400MZ for PC 1 taking it to 2GB.
And getting 2 x 512MB PC 2700 333MHz for PC 2 taking it to 1.5GB.

Does this make sense?

I'd normally got to amazon and get whatever is cheapest and not completely 'no-name'.

Sound OK?


  SANTOS7 21:50 12 Feb 07

there are other things to consider the link will help tell you exactly what memory you have and offer upgrade alternatives.
click here

With the info from crucial then you can search other sites for cheaper memory knowing it is going to work..

  ed-0 21:57 12 Feb 07

Just pop the 2 X 512Mb from PC1 and insert them into PC2

they should work at the slower PC2700 speed.

The you just need to buy 2 X 1gb sticks of PC3200. for PC1.

That is of course, if the motherboard supports this memory.

2 sticks of 1Gb will be cheaper than 4 sticks of 512Mb.

  effingpot 22:00 12 Feb 07

thanks both,
I didn't realise you could mix.
If the motherboard does not support 2GB - and you put 2GB in - what happens?

  PalaeoBill 22:01 12 Feb 07

1. You can mix 400MHz and 333MHz, it will just run at the lower speed.
(The PC3200 and 400DDR are just two different ways of writing the same thing. 3200 is the clock speed of the ram chip, 400 is the Dual Data rate. In the same way 2700 = 333.)
2. It probably does need to be installed in pairs, but it is quite likely that both PC's will take either or both DDR's. Why not try it and see.

  ed-0 22:02 12 Feb 07

" If the motherboard does not support 2GB - and you put 2GB in - what happens? "

It will only recognise the maximum the motherboard supports, or it will not bootup till you take the ram out.

  PalaeoBill 22:02 12 Feb 07

Oops. Sorry, you got an response and answered it in the time I took to type. I must be getting old.

  effingpot 22:05 12 Feb 07

join the club ;-)

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