Memory Upgrade

  navagator 21:43 14 Feb 05

I have a Toshiba Satellite 1800-814 running Windows XP Home with service pack 2. It has two memory slots each filled with a 128 MHz module which works fine with a total of 256 MHz recognised.
Today I have replaced the 128's with two 256 modules but can only get the computer to recognise 256 MHz. By putting each 256 in separately they appear to be working fine but together they will not be recognised as 512 in total. Has anyone any ideas? I followed the instructios to the letter and even put the old memory back in to check that there wasn't a problem with the memory slots.

Many thanks in anticipation.

  britto 22:55 14 Feb 05

It could be the ram is it double sided? I was looking for some memory the other day and came across this info in the reviews on Ebyer

click here

  navagator 21:09 15 Feb 05

Thanks Britto.
Apparently it is my bios that needs flashing in order to recognise the full memory. Wish me luck!!

  LinuxPenguin 21:12 15 Feb 05

yes, it usually comes down to either the BIOS or the mobo (motherboard). good luck. if its the mobo then generally you have to buy a new one, which generally results in having to buy a new processor too...

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