memory sticks

  modrico 22:32 28 Jun 03

im looking for a memory stick preferably 128mb that plugs straight into my usb ports does what it has to do then goes back into my pocket? whenever i search for one all i seem to get is smart media cards etc etc etc. I am am actually considering putting my fist thru my screen.

please help as that could be painfull and expensive.


  jazzypop 22:38 28 Jun 03

100's to choose from at click here . You are looking for a USB Flash Memory 'Hard Drive'.

  powerless 22:39 28 Jun 03
  DieSse 22:40 28 Jun 03

click here

for one of probably hundreds

  DieSse 22:42 28 Jun 03

You beat me 'cause i typed more!!

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