Memory stick palying up

  mak2 17:02 14 Jun 09

Hi Folks

For some wierd reason my memory stick shows as a disc drive. When I click to open it I get messsage saying 'no disc in drive'. Can any one help please. Thanks

  recap 18:05 14 Jun 09

Can you access the stick from Computer Management. That is can you right click it and select Explore or Properties? If you can Explore the Stick, you can then copy the data to your HD.
Re-format the stick to NTFS.

To open Computer Management: Right click 'My Computer' select 'Manage' then 'Disk Management'

To convert the stick to NTFS:

At the command prompt, type the following, where drive letter is the drive that you want to convert:

convert drive letter: /fs:ntfs

  mak2 22:28 14 Jun 09

No I can't open the stick or explore, won't let me format either.

  woodchip 23:38 14 Jun 09

Stick should be Fat32

  woodchip 23:38 14 Jun 09

or at least fat

  woodchip 23:40 14 Jun 09

When Plugged in What does Disc Manager say about the stick?

  mak2 23:43 14 Jun 09

usb device ready to use. When I open 'my computer', I see the removable device and 'no media'. There is no option to format

  woodchip 10:30 15 Jun 09

Right Click My Computer\Manage\Disc Management look to see if it shows as a Disc if it does click it to see what it says

  T I M B O 10:51 15 Jun 09

Sometimes when removing these flash drives without using the "Safely Removal Hardware" utlity, it can fry them, thus making them usless, lets hope thats not the case. I have in the past used another pc to see if that will help.

Best of luck !

  woodchip 13:35 16 Jun 09

It does not Fry them, its the Partition information that gets corrupted so that you cannot access the Stick

  mak2 16:36 16 Jun 09

How can I recover this, is there a way. In disk management it just shows as no media.

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