memory stick

  Trotter2 22:50 07 Jun 07

how do I load a program onto memory stick and then transfer it to second computer? please don't fall off chairs laughing, but I'm a novice!

  ArrGee 22:54 07 Jun 07

Plug the stick into a USB port, the PC should recognise it, then simply drag and drop your files.

  Trotter2 23:12 07 Jun 07

thanks Arrgee. appreciate the assistence

  €dstowe 06:25 08 Jun 07

Be careful to use the "Safely Remove Hardware" facility when removing the memory stick. They can easily become corrupted by yanking them out at the wrong time.

  Belatucadrus 11:33 08 Jun 07

Please note that many programs can't simply be moved PC to PC, the installation routine makes necessary registry changes that are near impossible to duplicate by hand. You'll need the original installation .exe file, which as ArrGee says can be drag n dropped.

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