Memory stick

  phil2816 22:47 04 Jan 06

hey!...i have a memory stick with my phone..with an adaptor so i can plug it into my memory card slot on the computer...however wenever i click on the 'memory stick' icon on 'my computer' it loads for ages then freezes?! any thoughts?Thanks!

  RicScott 22:49 04 Jan 06

Have you formatted the memory stick?

  SG Atlantis® 22:51 04 Jan 06

care to give a bit more information?

windows version.

make of PC

type of card reader.

any errors

and what ever else may be relevant.

How many drives appear in my computer? My card reader presents me with four drives, H I J and K. depending on what card I'm using it may appear as any one of the drives.

  phil2816 12:07 05 Jan 06

how do i format the memory stick?
Its Windows XP (home)
Its a HP Pavilion PC
I have lots of different card readers:
-CompactFlash I/II (G)
- SmartMedia (H)
-Memory stick (J)

  Spike_2006 13:37 05 Jan 06

Okay, here are some reasons i think it might be freezing:
1) If you are plugging it into an unpowered USB Hub, and it is a High Speed USB hub, you need to plug it into one on the back of your PC.

2) If you have not used a USB on your PC before, you MIGHT (not always) have to install a USB driver to recognise the usb stick.

3a) Wait a sec, i 4got, brb when I remember

3b) Oh yeah, check that the stick is unlocked, and plugs in easily (try cleaning the bits out)

I think thats all I can think of, Good luck!

  SG Atlantis® 14:09 05 Jan 06

right click the drive in my computer and choos format.

  phil2816 14:12 05 Jan 06

does formatting delete wots on it?wot dus it do?

its a memory CARD by the way..sorry got muddled up with memory stick

  SG Atlantis® 14:19 05 Jan 06

yes, it clears everything on the card.

  phil2816 14:21 05 Jan 06

how would that help?

  SG Atlantis® 14:53 05 Jan 06

It returns the card to a clean state no bad data etc. There must a reason the card can't be read by the PC, a format might correct that, BUT IT MIGHT NOT.

  SG Atlantis® 15:03 05 Jan 06

I don't know I shouted the last bit, must have hit the caps lock accidently...


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