memory slots

  soulreaper 12:46 01 Jan 03
  soulreaper 12:46 01 Jan 03

i recently found out that one of my 2 memory slots is damaged, cause my games kept hanging /freezing, so i went to pcpitstop, and gave me a red flag on the one slot, now how do i fix it or must i take it to pc shop, otherwise to upgrade my ram, i will have to buy a single stick of ddr 512mb ram

  Gongoozler 13:03 01 Jan 03

soulreaper, if your motherboard memory slot is damaged, then I'm afraid that unless you are able to repair it or use just the other slot, you will probably have to buy another motherboard. Have a look in your motherboard manual to see if you can just use the one slot. If you don't have the manual you should be able to download one from the makers web site. If you are very nimble with your fingers and the problem is a bent pin, you may just be able to correct the problem by gently tweaking the damaged pin with a fine tool, but the chances of success are slim.

Another possibility is that you don't actually have a motherboard problem. You could have a dodgy stick of memory. Try running your pc with just one stick of memory at a time. It is also possible that the BIOS settings don't suit one of the memory modules.

  barrie_g 13:05 01 Jan 03

If its the slot on the mobo it wont be easily/cheaply fixed, so its either a new mobo or as you suggest 512 in the one slot.

  soulreaper 08:38 07 Jan 03


i upgraded the memory by adding a a512mb stick of memory to my "what i thought was broken" slot,,,,,,and suprise ! it worked, now i have 768mb ram.

alhtough it is faster ,i still find the fps to be slow on one or two maps, but ok on all the others.

i think ,the reason why the slot did not work last time is because i use ddr ram , and its sdram that was required

  BRYNIT 08:54 07 Jan 03

just goes to show it is advisable to check and doule check what you buy will match the MB specs

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