Memory Read Error

  Falk 21:51 09 Jun 05

Hi, Im wondering what the possible cause of this error could be, it occurs whenever I am playing a game on the PC, it crashes to the desktop and displays "Memory could not be read/Written . I have tried a number of things to fix it, updating audio and video drivers, changing various graphics settings, altering page file, new fan installed, ram tests which found no problem, scan disk which found no problem, multiple patches and reinstalls, installing all window fixes/security and full scan with Ad-Aware Spybot AVG and Microsoft Anti Spyware which all found no problem and I dont know what to try next. Thanks

Abit VA-20 VIA KM400A
AMD Athlon Xp 3200+
1GB Ram
Radeon 9800
Windows XP Home

  MichelleC 07:59 10 Jun 05

The only thing I can think of is to increase your paging files to 3 times that of your ram (ie; ram 256, then paging is 768 per drive). There is also a free utility StartUp Manager which you can select which progs to start up to not drain resources.

  De Marcus 08:06 10 Jun 05

The recomennded paging file size is 1.5x the amount of physical ram, if you've plenty of ram (and you do) then there's not a lot of point in increasing it. I'd hazard a gues at the video driver being the problem, try completely uninstalling it (use cleaning tools to make sure) and re-install WHQL certified drivers and see if it still plays up.

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