Memory puzzle

  Alf58 21:33 29 Oct 10

My daughter has an Acer T180 desktop. When I go to system information it says the machine has 756mb of memory. If I go on the Crucial website and allow the memory scan it says there is 1 gig of memory. According to the machine's paperwork there should be 1Gig of memory so why is System info saying 756?

Any ideas? Oh and by the way there have been no memory related error messages indeed no error messages of any sort.

  Nontek 21:38 29 Oct 10

Part of the 1Gb will be used by the System to run Windows - this is normal.... more so, if you do not have a dedicated Graphics card.

  Sea Urchin 21:40 29 Oct 10
  Alf58 00:56 30 Oct 10

I really appreciate the replies folks. I guess I need to check to see if the T180 has onboard graphics.

  northumbria61 05:50 30 Oct 10

"I guess I need to check to see if the T180 has onboard graphics"

It has - - click here

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