Memory Probs Blue Screen 01:07 27 Dec 06

SPECS- "Dell dimension 9150, 1.5 gig ddr2, pentium d 940 3.2 mboard socket 775(i think)"

Hi I recently bought a nvidia 7900 gs fitted it in the pci slot. I also fitted 2 512 memory sticks of ddr2 memory from kingston. I had alot of trouble fitting the final one in the final slot(I have four mem slots on my motherboard).

It did eventually fit but didnt seem right, seemed to tight. When I rebooted it was fine, but every now and then when the computer had to reset a blue screen came up before windows started.(IT DID RECOGNISE THE MEMORY IN SYSTEM PROPS HOWEVER)

When I reset again it was fine. I have since removed that memory and it runs fine. What should I do, is it the memory or motherboard, somebody said I am losing perfrmance but not dual channeling?, i have 4 slots, 3 with 512 in the last one empty, please help.

  lotvic 01:14 27 Dec 06

I would suggest a strong light and a magnifying glass and examine the slot for physical defects. There may be something (pieces of plastic or something) stuck in there. When I got my Dell there was alsorts 'floating about loose' - even found a 'spare' motherboard screw!

  lotvic 18:03 27 Dec 06

Have you tried the 'might be faulty 512 memory stick' in one of the other slots? (to check if it is faulty)

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