Memory Problems...

  jonargent 00:12 14 Dec 08


I've just brought another 2gb stick of RAM for my PC, its DDR2-800 / PC2-6400, Chips branded Integral, Lablel says "AFTM 800 0816B".

The problem is if I boot with my existing RAM (3x 512mb DDR2-533 / PC2-4200), Vista gets to the Welcome screen then blue screens with no specific reason. If I try with it on its own, the usual BIOS doesn't load, but a plain text screen with Award Bios at the top, looking for a bootable CD...

Is the RAM dead?

  DieSse 00:20 14 Dec 08

"Is the RAM dead?" - Sounds a lot like it.

Recipe for happy RAM --

Don't buy RAM above the recommended speed for your motherboard.

Don't mix RAM speeds or specifications.

Buy Grade1 branded RAM from known manufacturers.

  DieSse 00:26 14 Dec 08

From the basic description you gave, what you've bought sounds like what is commonly called OEM quality - normally Grade3 RAM.

Grade3 RAM may have one or more or all of the following issues --

A circuit board not to the JDEC design criteria.

Insufficient smoothing capacitors.

Rebranded chips bought from a larger manufacturer as failing full specification margin tests

Assembled by anybody and his brother.

Be only batch tested after assembly (ie - not every module).

  DieSse 00:30 14 Dec 08

If the module is labeled Integral, and the chips themselves are from a known brand name (and marked with that brand name) - then it may be Grade2, which is better.

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