memory problem XP Pro system

  Terry Brown 21:18 01 Apr 13

When burning Video's, using Nero 7, the video's burn OK, but then I get a memory error message.

I have 3 x 1Gb memory sticks,which I thought were all the same, however when I checked them (SIW.exe), I got these readings:

Slot 1: DDR2 (PC2 5300): Run at 333Mhz :DDR2 667:Timing 5-5-5-15-20

Slot 2: DDR2 (PC2 4300): Run at 266Mhz :DDR2 533:Timing 4-4-4-12-16

Slot 3: DDR2 (PC2 4300) :Run at 266Mhz :DDR2 533 :Timing 5-4-4-12-16

No other program gives an error.

I am using XP PRO, and the Motherboard can take 4GB (4*1GB modules)

If I changed the 2 slower ones (slot 2 +3) to DDR2 667, would I be any better off or is ir advisable to change them all to a matching set, or don't bother about it.

Thanks Terry

  woodchip 21:33 01 Apr 13

Burning Video, You should use the Hard Drive to burn to the copy it over if you want it on USB. Plus you need plenty of free space on the hard drive just for burning. I think it Virtual Memory that you are having problems with

  Terry Brown 21:58 01 Apr 13


What I am doing is transferring my Videotapes to DVD, so they go to the harddrive first, remove any unwanted footage (editor) and then burn to DVD.

The drive I am using has 139 GB free and my C:(Operating system) has 130 GB free.

I have changed the Virtual memory from 2048mb to System managed and see how it goes.

Thanks for the advise.


  woodchip 10:04 02 Apr 13

Hows it going after changing Virtual Memory?

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