memory problem

  lauren2006 10:30 16 Nov 06

got some memory today for pc ive built but jus relized its wrong kind but it actually slotted in still. now nothing comes on the screen when i boot the pc up could i of knackered the motherboard.

  Fingees 10:39 16 Nov 06

If it's the wrong memory, it may be that it just doesn't work.

Without working memory, you will not get anything on screen

  skidzy 10:44 16 Nov 06

Sounds like non-compatible Ram.

Can you tell us the mobo make/model please and we will try to find compatible ram for you.

  lauren2006 10:45 16 Nov 06

its like 3 pins out it just went in worked fine with other memory. put the old memory back in with that one not workin and now nothing on the screen but the memory works in another computer i have , as ive just tried it

  skidzy 10:48 16 Nov 06

sorry meant to ask mobo make/model please.

  skidzy 10:49 16 Nov 06

"its like 3 pins out"

Please explain,or am i missing something here.

  lauren2006 10:51 16 Nov 06

MSI 649 Neo-V SKT775 PCI-E 5.1channel audio ATX

  lauren2006 10:58 16 Nov 06

oh we got it workin now thnx for your help neway

  skidzy 11:00 16 Nov 06

ok Lauren,good luck

  Fingees 14:11 16 Nov 06

Glad you fixed it.

Can you tick as resolved please.

  lauren2006 17:59 20 Nov 06

thank u

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