Memory PC2700 v PC3200

  James. 15:34 27 Oct 06

I am having difficulty running FSX, and the consensus of forum opinions is that a minimum of 2Gb of RAM is required for anything other than basic performance.

My Mobo supports PC3200 400 up to 1.5Gb (1Gb crrently installed) or 3Gb of PC 2700 333.

My question is wuill there be a significant trade off of speed versus size eg will 3Gb PC2700 333 give me better performance than 1Gb PC 3200 400.

I also intend to upgrade the graphics card at the same time from an ATI 9800XT 256Mb (400) to a Crucial Radeon x1600 512Mb (800).

Current specs

Win XP Pro SP2 (All Updates)

AMD Athlon 3400+ 64 Bit

1GB PC3200 Ram

ATI Radeon 9800XT 256Mb

Your opinions on the RAM question would be appreciated please. The Updates are set to cost around £400.00, any thoughts!

  James. 16:48 27 Oct 06

^ Anybody!!!

  SANTOS7 16:52 27 Oct 06

The diference inspeed is negligable the issue you have is related to the amount you have installed, i would go with the 2gig option aware that you have the option to further upgrade to 3 if the need arises.

  SANTOS7 16:53 27 Oct 06

oops, meant to say the PC2700 option..

  wotbus@ 17:05 27 Oct 06

Hmmmm, without running the two choices side by side who can tell?. I can run FSX on a on my spare pc 1.8 Single Core Athlon, 1Gb memory, Radion 9700Pro. Not all the sliders are on max of course but it's reasonable.
I run it on this rig with 3800+ Dual Core 64, 2Gb matched pair Corsair 400 and a not so expensive Radion x800gt 250Mb with all sliders maxed out, and it's just great. My gut feeling tells me the 1.5Gb of 400 would be best but maybe a "theorist" out there will argue. Before you part with your pennies, consider a new mobo and a dual core CPU and see how that costs up. Those two alone may be all you need ;-)

  James. 17:18 27 Oct 06

SANTOS7 & wotbus@, thanks for your input and opinions, wotbus@ I am considering the new mobo/CPU option, and even a new PC, that's why i was asking for opinions,

Anyone else like to profer an opinion?

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