Memory modules

  Terry Brown 10:17 08 Apr 12

Currently I have 3 x 1gb memory modules (DDR2 240 pin) 1 at 667 and 2 at 533 If I change them to 2 x 2gb modules running at 800 mhz, will it make enough difference to worry about.

Motherboard Winfast 61502ma



  Terry Brown 10:19 08 Apr 12

Just run the Crucial scanner, and It appears that I can only put 1 gb in each slot (4 slots)


  KRONOS the First 11:27 08 Apr 12

What motherboard have you?

  KRONOS the First 11:29 08 Apr 12

OOps, sorry just noticed it's a Winfast Foxconn 61502MA and I can find nothing about it.

  northumbria61 13:05 08 Apr 12

Chronus - could this be the nearest? Chipset is 6150 RAM 1 x 4gb modules.

enter link description here

  KRONOS the First 13:28 08 Apr 12


Well done, that looks near enough.

  northumbria61 08:02 09 Apr 12

Terry - I don't know if that link above helps you any - it isn't the correct board but one with a similar chipset (6150 series) As you are already aware you can only put 1GB in each of the 4 slots as it appears your board can only support a total of 4GB. Shop around for RAM prices - your best bet would probably be to go for 4 x 667

Run SIW to obtain the correct details - ie: memory type, memory speed, supported speed, memory timings, correct voltage in addition to what the Crucial scanner tells you.

  northumbria61 08:19 09 Apr 12

Terry - I am assuming your RAM is PC2-5300 667MHz - older RAM doesn't come any cheap these days - there are 1GB modules here enter link description here or another option would be E-bay but having had a quick look on there it doesn't appear to be any cheaper. If you would like me to look around for you I am willing to do so.

  Terry Brown 20:11 10 Apr 12

I have 3 x 1 gb memory modules 1 at 677 and 2 at 533, so the working speed (I assume ) is 533mhz.

I can get 800mhz modules from Crucical, what I was asking is 'Would it be worth paying out for new faster modules and what difference (if any) would it make?'


  KRONOS the First 05:15 11 Apr 12

To be honest,very little. I doubt if you would notice any difference in performance.

  northumbria61 12:20 11 Apr 12

Terry - I agree with Chronus with regards to noticeable difference - but if you decide to upgrade then go for 4 x 1GB (all 667 or 800) If you go for 667 then you will just have to purchase 3. At the moment, as you rightly say your working speed is 533MHz

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