memory loss?? PLEASE HELP!!!

  drewdiamond 21:58 18 Apr 08

can anyone pls help me i just got a new desktop and i am having the same problem as my last one. i am useing windows vista premiam and when i install a file/program whats for ex. 500mb big it will take up about 1-2gb memory on the hard drive is this mormal? or can this problem be fixed?


  MAT ALAN 22:06 18 Apr 08

drewdiamond me old coconut, your statement does not make sense drive space and memory allocation are two completely different things (memory on the hard drive) does not mean anything logically..

  drewdiamond 22:09 18 Apr 08

well my hard drive says i have 156gb free but if i install a program for example what is 500mb in size it will take up 1-2gb on my hard drive?

  MAT ALAN 22:11 18 Apr 08

which prog are we talking about..

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:12 18 Apr 08

how do you know the program is 500mb?

the setup files may be in compressed format and are expanded when installed.

  brundle 22:12 18 Apr 08

The files are compressed, the installer decompresses them when they go on your hard-drive so they use more space.

  drewdiamond 22:13 18 Apr 08

any it dose it with most evan files with documents in like i installed avg 7.5 and it takes up a gb of space =/

  Sea Urchin 22:22 18 Apr 08

AVG free download is 36.5MB and installed program expands to approx 54MB - how and where are you measuring the size as a Gb?

  brundle 22:23 18 Apr 08

I can't make sense of half that sentence but anyway - as Fruit Bat said, how do you know ? Where are you getting the figures from? Why do you care in the first place, are you running out of space?

  cream. 22:31 18 Apr 08

Every time you install a new program, system restore will create a new restore point. This will take at least 300Mb of hard drive space.

  drewdiamond 22:32 18 Apr 08

how can i get rifd of them??? as i always do backup disks?

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