Memory for FM 2007

  jamie1973 17:53 27 Dec 06

I have recently installed Football Manager 2007 (xmas present) but it keeps crashing due to low memory. Any tips on how to free up some memory space greatfully appreciated.

  mike1967 17:55 27 Dec 06

Whats the spec of you're pc

  jamie1973 17:58 27 Dec 06

Pentium 4

  mike1967 18:01 27 Dec 06

bit more info than that please

what speed processor, how much ram etc

  jamie1973 18:04 27 Dec 06

To be honest im not sure, i have xp if thats any help, sorry

  VoG II 18:06 27 Dec 06

Run this click here

  mike1967 18:06 27 Dec 06


go into my computer then control panel, then classic veiw then click on system it should tell you some info there

  jamie1973 18:11 27 Dec 06

ok 2.4 GHz, 192 MB RAM

  mike1967 18:15 27 Dec 06

Think I might be stating the obvious here but I don't think you have enough RAM to run this game, I have FM2006 and that needs minimum 256 RAM, so I'm assuming FM2007 needs about the same

  jamie1973 18:17 27 Dec 06

bugger, ok thanks for the help

  mike1967 18:18 27 Dec 06

Run what VOG has suggested though and post the results

Also what does the game say it needs

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