Memory difficulties

  Night Ryder 21:24 24 Apr 04

I'm posting this just in case anyone has experienced similar problems with memory.
I recently built a computer for capturing and editing video. In this computer amongst other things I put 1gig of cheap memory. (two 512 strips).
I experienced randome system lock ups until I removed one strip. leaving 512 system memory.
The system at this point was completely stable.
I then borrowed 1gig (two 512 strips) of more expensive memory from another computer and the troublesome system worked and was perfectly stable.
I contacted the help desk of the company who supplied me with the cheaper memory and told them of my findings. They would hear nothing of it and refused to replace the memory for me even though I offered to pay the difference for the more expensive memory. I'll not mention the name of the company but they are one of the largest UK suppliers of computer parts on the internet.
They continued to fob me off with adjustments of BIOS steeings and checking motherboard specs which had nothing to do with the problem.
So if you have experienced problems with memory, the morrale of this story is "You only get what you pay for". Buy the most expensive memory you can afford.

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