Memory conflict

  Buddies 14:37 06 Jan 04

I installed a 128MB PC133SDRAM to a PentiumII M/Board. There was already a 64MB RAM installed. The motherboard reads both Memory Chips as 128MB and not 192MB as it should. Try changing, nothing. System runs Win2000. Please advise.


  Jester2K 14:43 06 Jan 04

Bit more info please!

"Try changing, nothing" means what exactly?

Is the 128Mb stick in the first slot (0 or 1)?

Does the board support more than 128 mb RAM?

  DieSse 16:39 06 Jan 04

You almost ceratinly have the wrong type of RAM. Older motherboards need what is commonly termed "double-sided" RAM modules. The internal organisation of the memory chips is different, to cope with there being an address line short on the moerboard.

The upshot is that it can only see half the RAM capacity. If you go to your supplier and explain waht you need, they may exchange it for you. Alternatively go to someone like Crucial, who will guarantee that you get the correct type of RAM if you tell them the make and model number of the motherboard, and explain the problem.

  Buddies 08:59 13 Jan 04

I tried "swapping" the memory chip to the one and the other slot but the M/board did not respond to 128MB RAM.

What is double-sided RAM(specs.); and where and how do I check if the M/Board support more than 128MB RAM?

Please advise. Thanx.

  plankton 10:21 13 Jan 04

Have you tried the 128Mb on its own?

DieSse has told you where to find out what your mobo can take click here

  jules1315 10:24 13 Jan 04

Your board may use PC100SDRAM as my old PII board did

  plankton 11:46 13 Jan 04

Good point, didnt spot that! Why would it pick up some of it (or ignore the original 64Mb)....?

  DieSse 12:15 13 Jan 04

It's not a timing issue - it's a module organisation/addressing issue. Get your motherboard type from AIDA32 if you don't alraedy know it, and go to the Crucial site - they'll find you the correct type of RAM.

Or go back to your currecnt RAM supplier and tell them what the issue is, and ask them nicely if they can exchange the module.

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