memory compatibillity

  paddy68 07:58 11 Mar 03

i have a time 700mhz 64mb ram computer and would like to upgrade it to 256mb using a PNY dimm bought from a elecrical store, are they copatible. I tried to install it and i just heard a beeping noise. thanks for any help

  Terrahawk 08:25 11 Mar 03

check your mobo manual will tell you what ram it takes another problem could be if it is not seated properly it will give error beeps

  ^wave^ 08:30 11 Mar 03

check what memory you can use you have to use dimms in pairs

  mark e 10:11 11 Mar 03

The reason you are getting beeps is an incompatability problem. you installed incorrect memory types and the pc does not recognise it. do as suggested check your manual.

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