Memory compatability with updated motherboard

  stoner 16:28 21 Apr 03

If I want to update my motherboard but keep my current (& expensive) SDRAM 512MB, do I have to buy a motherboard that specifically says SDRAM compatible, or will it also work with DDR Memory motherboards and does this also apply to the RAM on my (new) Graphics Card?

  slaveofconvention 16:31 21 Apr 03

DDR and SDRAM are physically different shapes, there is no way to install SDRAM in a DDR slot, so yes, you NEED an SDRAM compatible board. As for the video card memory, assuming its a proper standalone card and not onboard, doesnt make a lick of difference, should work on either board as long as the AGP/PCI connection is available and there isnt some sneaky (and fairly rare) hardware conflict.

  stoner 16:34 21 Apr 03

thanks for that slaveofconvention. The reason I ask is that after not a little research it would seem that USB 2.0 is limited to DDR. So it would seem that if I am to keep my SDRAM I am going to have to put up with USB 1.1!!

  slaveofconvention 16:45 21 Apr 03

Don't think so... I used to work for PC world, and I've installed numberour USB2 cards in SDRAM based machines without problems.... I could be wrong. It's possible you might not get quite the thruput if the memory cant keep up, but complete incompatibiliy? I don't believe thats the case...

  temp003 03:41 22 Apr 03

USB 2.0 does not depend on the type of memory used.

It may be that what you mean or the result of your search, is that the motherboards which still support SRAM do not have built-in USB 2.0 support.

You can always add a USB 2.0 PCI card.

There were some boards which support both SDRAM and DDR, with separate slots for the different memory. Don't know whether they are still available or if they support USB 2.0.

Upgrading to a motherboard still running SDRAM is not such a good idea, unless you really must change the motherboard now and you can't afford to give up the existing SDRAM. Why not stick to the existing configuration to give your RAM a longer life for its money, and change the whole setup later?

  ardvarc 08:45 22 Apr 03

What is your present setup. Have a look at the MoBo in link. However I agree with temp003 and RAM prices seem to be rising.

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