memory compatability problem for foxcon g41 board

  timerep 03 Sep 12

hi I am trying to upgrade memory on a foxxconn g41 MXE M/B to a total of 8 gb I have tried three types of ram and non work the last one was guaranteed to by the supplier and the general code number on the foxxcon site info tallies but everytime I clip them in to try the unit starts up but no display and the power light flashes. reinsalling the original ram and starts up no problem. the ram I am trying to use is kingston kvr 1333d3n9 the original is ddr3 1333 cl9 the memory I have for the upgrade should work but wont is there anything anyone can sugest?

  rdave13 03 Sep 12

If the right mobo it states here maximum ram is 4GB, click here.

  timerep 03 Sep 12

very strange as the hand book clearly states 8 gig as the max so does the foxx conn site ?

  rdave13 03 Sep 12

You're right, click here. Something seems to be wrong. What size modules are you using? 4x2GB or 2x4GB?

  rdave13 03 Sep 12

That's 2x4GB then, I should have studied a bit more! Try just one of the new ram sticks to see if it boots up. Official site shows ram is Dual channel DDR3 1333(oc)/1066/800. Link.


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