Memory Card

  ponytail 11 Jan 12

I know this is not really a PC problem as such.But I use a memory card to transfer photos from my camera to my PC.I now seem to have mislaid my memory card and was not sure what one to get.The manual says SD/MMC card but I have bought a SDHC card but not sure if this is the same and whether or not it will work.Have not talen it out of it's packaging yet in case I need to take it back to the shop.Can someone advise.

  ICF 11 Jan 12

Make and model of camera?

  mooly 11 Jan 12

MMC refers to "MultiMedia Card" which they all are.

Plain old SD cards are the "original" cards and have a capacity of up to 2Gb although some cameras (older models) can only use cards of 1Gb or less. It should be in the user manual. Like everything, the original SD card is becoming dated and not quite so common to find.

SDHC are high capacity cards, usually 4Gb+ and so it is important to be absolutely sure that not just the camera but also your PC can work with them. Older card readers in PC's may not or may (if you are lucky) need a driver/firmware update.

So best to be sure on both counts PC and Camera.

  ponytail 11 Jan 12

Hi ICF It is a Kodak CS7300 Easy Share Camera.I have just been on the Kodak website live support and they told me I need a SD card of 1gb or lower and this one would not be suitable


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