Memory Available in XP Mode

  WightRob 09:05 AM 20 May 12

I am looking to build a new PC for use as a CAD workstation with Win 7 Pro 64 bit as the OS. I will probably have 8 or 16 GB RAM. I have legacy software running on XP. Does anyone know if all of the RAM will be available in XP Mode?

  dms_05 10:38 AM 20 May 12

I think the main problem is Microsofts limitation of about 3 GB for 32 bit OS such as XP.

  robin_x 10:46 AM 20 May 12

I use VMWare and Virtualbox alternatives which easily allow settings to be changed (when the VM is not running).

Seems XP Mode is same, but maybe not quite so obvious how to do it.

  robin_x 10:55 AM 20 May 12

Also, don't forget you could also build a dual-boot xp/7 machine. You won't lose performance if your CAD is intensive.

Depends how often you want to chop and change (with reboots) between the two. XP mode would be easier if often.

  WightRob 21:45 PM 21 May 12

Thanks. The link looks useful. I'm still not sure what the max ram is but at least I know where to look to change it (once I have built the machine!).


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