larry48 10:04 19 May 07

Just added an extra 1gb RAM, but it's only showing as 512mb.Why would that be the case? I'm running XP Home and I think the max memory it can take is 2GB.

  wee eddie 10:07 19 May 07

Are you sure that you have bought the correct RAM for your MOBO

  MAJ 10:08 19 May 07

How much did you have installed previously?
Was the new memory a 1GB module or Two 512MB modules?
Is your old memory still installed?
Which make and model of PC or motherboard?

  larry48 10:19 19 May 07

Pretty sure its the correct RAM. It's a single sided 1GB module witha 512mb module in the other bank.Don't know what the motherboard is, but the PC is an EiSytems 204 (Dixons own make)

  MAJ 10:26 19 May 07

What does it show if you take the old 512 module out?

  larry48 10:43 19 May 07

I've taken the 512 module out, but the 1gb module still only shows as 512. I've run the Orca PC Wizard which shows it as a 1GB module, but on the individual memory banks it shows as 512. I must admit I don't understand this !

  MAJ 10:50 19 May 07

Download and run Belarc Advisor, see what it reports for memory installed. click here

  Legolas 10:57 19 May 07

It might be that your m/b only supports double sided ram. Was your existing ram single or double sided?

try and rule out if its high density ram sometimes they dont report the correct amount
click here

  larry48 11:02 19 May 07

Ran Belarc & Sandra.Problem solved as the Max memory is 1gb not 2gb.

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