chippy+ 20:55 23 Oct 05

hi my daughter has an amd 3d now 500hz cp with 256 memory and 20 hard drive it has started to get slower but checking the internet it seams that the k6 socket 7 limit is 256 memory the board has on board graphics would a 128 graphics card help or not.Spyware,virus,and unneeded files cleaned startup programs down to min thanks chippy

  AndySD 21:01 23 Oct 05

It probably wont support it. Bur a 64mb PCI graphics card should be fine. (check, but I dont think the board will have an AGP slot)

  keith-236785 22:43 23 Oct 05

as far as im aware, its the operating system or the motherboard that has the limitations of memory and not the proc, are you confusing the on chip cache memory with the RAM memeory, on chip cache is the memory on the processor itself , RAM is the system memory which can be added to if needed.

i never heard of a limit for a socket 7 proc memory wise but then again, most socket 7 systems only had 64mb, or 128 if you were lucky.

maybe its time for a format/reinstall to clear the system and maybe speed things up again, or maybe even time to take the plunge and buy a newer faster pc.

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