giggsy 21:39 28 Apr 04

This may seem like a silly question, but I currently have 448MB of RAM installed.
Would I notice any difference if I swapped the 64Mb stick for a 128MB stick, giving me 512MB?
I'm assuming not, but just thought I'd check.

  Kenneth-266656 21:43 28 Apr 04

Depends on the type of memory. Have details of whats installed at present and go onto the Crucible website to find out.

  giggsy 21:45 28 Apr 04

Only good old 133Mhz SD-RAM I'm afraid. I have a 1700xp processor, but get the impression I would get more out of it by changing my mobo and installing some DDR-RAM.

  interzone55 21:48 28 Apr 04

I don't think you'd notice any difference by just adding another 64Mb into the mix.

Changing the mobo for one with DDR slots will definately help, as would uping the CPU a bit, XP2400 are very cheap at the mo

btw Memory prices are rocketing right now, so get some quick.

  rickimalone 21:50 28 Apr 04

If you swaped it with the right type of memory you would have a performance increase.

However if you are having problems with the amount of RAM you have, put another 256MB instead of 128MB and then you will really notice the performance increase.

  giggsy 21:58 28 Apr 04

I'm with W98SE, so anything more than 512MB can cause problems (apparently) Not sure what sort of problems though!
Think I will have to bite the bullet and buy a new mobo and some DDR-RAM. Cheers guys.

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