Memorex Drive for XP

  GBL 15:12 04 Feb 04

I have just bought the Memorex Max 5500RF, cordless keyboard and mouse, from ASDA. Great, but when I read the instructions it states that for XP go to the Memorex web site and download the driver.
Fine, except that when you visit their site there is no download or driver news.
I wrote to Memorex about this, the reply came through "check the batteries etc etc", in other words nothing to do with my query.

Can anyone point me in the right direction, or send me the driver for Win XP as Memorex are failing.

I like the keyboard and will keep it even if i can't use all the functions, but the mouse at the moment is useless to me.

  PcDummies 15:45 04 Feb 04

I was visiting their site and found this, click here any help?!

  GBL 15:52 04 Feb 04

thanks but, no.
The MX5500RF is not listed.

  Stuartli 17:47 04 Feb 04

It's most like a rebadged A4Tech keyboard and mouse, but there's a driver here:

click here

If you can't get a direct link use driver as username and all as password.

  Stuartli 17:48 04 Feb 04


It's the second most popular model for downloads in this section, which should tell you something....:-)

  Lionheart ? 18:18 04 Feb 04

Have a look click here

  Lionheart ? 18:19 04 Feb 04

Sorry link did not work.

  Lionheart ? 18:24 04 Feb 04

Go to the link a gave earlier,click support & service look for the drivers link and go from there.

  GBL 20:08 04 Feb 04

That sorted it, thanks , Lionheart. I couldn't access that part of their site before.

Thank to all for help.
Take care.

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