Mem Monster from Fresh

  anniesboy68 15:40 29 May 04

Anniesboy68 here again. Is anyone using this so called "memory optimiser" by Fresh devices and does it do what the blurb states, please.

  GaT7 16:13 29 May 04

If you have WinXP with a fairly good hardware configuration, I'd suggest not to use these programs. IMHO modern systems don't require them.

Remember you can d'load TRIAL versions of these so-called 'memory optimisers' to see if it makes a difference before you buy. Beware of offers that want to take your money first even if they offer a refund if dissatisfied. To d'load a 30-day trial of MemMonster - click here.

I've posted links to over a dozen similar programs here click here, so you have more choice. For even more choice - click here. Let's know how you get on. G

  Valvegrid 16:17 29 May 04

Is this what you are looking at? click here Yes, it does look interesting, I'm curious to know as well, so I'll watch with interest as well if I may.


  Valvegrid 16:20 29 May 04

Interesting it only gets 50/50 vote in Crossbow7's link to

  anniesboy68 17:47 29 May 04

Thanks all but methinks will leave well alone

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