mem banks?

  jimity 21:14 20 May 05

hi folks,
the max memory my pc will take is 4Gb and dimms must be installed in pairs as there are 4 memory banks, so that's 2 pairs.everest shows dimms 1 to 4 while belarc shows, channel a dimm 0,
channel b dimm 0, channel a dimm 1, channel b dimm 1.
i want to install two 1gb dimms and two 256mb dimms, so what what order do they go?
my pc is a dell 8300, with the original dell m-board,
with dimm slots marked in this order 1,3,2,4.

  Tubster 21:18 20 May 05

1st pair in slots 1 and 3, second pair in slots 2 and 4.

  Joe R 21:19 20 May 05


I take it you mean DDR dual channel modules.

If the mobo I have got is anything to go by, the modules of similar size will be placed in 1&3, and 2&4.

I'm not sure how well 2x1Gb, and 2x256Mb, will run together though.

  jimity 21:27 20 May 05

thanks guys thats the slot question answered but what do you mean "I'm not sure how well 2x1Gb, and 2x256Mb, will run together though." could there be a conflict? and if so would i be better off with the 1gb dimms in slots 1 and 3 on their own? leaving slots 2 and 4 empty.

  jimity 21:29 20 May 05

and yes,they are dual channel ddr

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:29 20 May 05

Aslong as the 1G and 256mb mem is the same speed they will run ok together.

  jimity 21:35 20 May 05

thanks guys, i appreciate the help/

  Joe R 21:36 20 May 05

jimity, Yes I could have explained it a bit better, as Fruit Bat /\0/\ states, as long as they run at the same speed, thay should be OK.

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