Megabytes and Gigabytes ?

  geoff47 23:06 28 Mar 03

Help me please,some may know how illiterate PC wise I am,my hard drive is shown to have 19459MB with 18454MB free,using AIDA32.
Now the problem....if I install a program..OK..say I want to load two OS...and they want to know how much space to allow each one.
I have been advised to allow 2-3GB for windows.
How does it convert?Is it right that 19459MB is approx.19GB?
Why dont they use a common measurement?
Thanks for any comments.

  Megatyte 23:09 28 Mar 03

One Gigabyte is one thousand Megabytes.


  VoG™ 23:12 28 Mar 03
  woodchip 23:14 28 Mar 03

1 Mb is about 1024Kb 1Gb is about 1024Mb so 3Gb is about 3072Mb

  Megatyte 23:22 28 Mar 03

1 Mb = 1000 Kb. The discrepancy is further down the scale (1 Kb = 1024 bytes).


  geoff47 23:35 28 Mar 03

But why dont they use the same in all instances?
Sorted thanks.Geoff47

  powerless 23:38 28 Mar 03

Decimal and Binary...

Decimal = 1000

Binary = 1024

  woodchip 23:38 28 Mar 03

You will find that I am right, if you check

  Installer* 23:39 28 Mar 03
  woodchip 23:41 28 Mar 03

PS the 1000MB per Gb is the hard drive manufacturers way of ripping you of. It does not equate

  Megatyte 23:42 28 Mar 03

1 Mb = 1,024,000 bytes but because 1K =1,024 bytes 1 Mb =1,000 Kb.


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