Megabyte/Gygabyte/Terabyte confusion

  SparkyJack 13:07 PM 22 Aug 11

In setting up a new Mobo Bendle and Terabyte drive with XPPro I managed to set up the primary drive too small because Of the title above. The net result is intrying to load SP3 the 'C'[primary]drive is not big enout to take it on. In examining the Admin tools /Computer Managerment /Drives Iwas hoping to see if there was a way of enlarging the the 'C' primary partition, or even if loading Window onemore would allow me to increase or delete the drive and start over. Any thoughts please.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:13 PM 22 Aug 11

DO a clean install of XP see here pay attention to steps 7 8 9 to delete and create a new partition 15 - 20 Gb is about right for XP.

  SparkyJack 18:04 PM 22 Aug 11

Thank you FB that is what I reckoned and, when done deal with old partition. The thing that threw me was the fack that XP set up, displays everytnig in meghabytes so I reckon I did not count enough spaces. Will have another go tomorrow.

  SparkyJack 13:07 PM 23 Aug 11

Ok now have a new partition of 30GB with windows installed/ The POST now shows two Windows installations,as 'C' 1,95 Gb and so far un identified partition with Windows[This has been 'E'- but surrently shows no I/D

The task now is to get rid of the Tiny 1.95 drive and make the the 30Gb one the primary active bootable

Messing with Admin Tools/Comp man/storage/diskmanag/ gave no options to do this though one can switch between them. I also notice that the snall system went online with no prompting from me whilst the new system needs setting up in the old fashioned way.

So how to get rid of the tiny system

Any ideas please.


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