medion pc will not boot

  sp1tf1re1 16:15 18 Aug 11

Ive got a medion pc. it was working when i moved house, now it goes into start up mode with the green flashing bar at the bottom of the screen but thats it.

Ive tried pressing f10 to reset back to factory settings. ive tried the recovery disc.

ive taken the memery out and put back in. the internals were very dusty/dirty inside.

helps please.

  northumbria61 11:14 19 Aug 11

You may have a failed PSU - see here link text

  iscanut2 11:21 19 Aug 11

Is the monitor OK ?

  woodchip 19:05 19 Aug 11

It sounds like you disturbed some hardware moving iy, take the left side off Tower then reseat Graphics card and Memory sticks plus any PCI Cards

  Terry Brown 20:15 19 Aug 11

Before you start messing with the internals, Disconnect the power (Unplug from back) and get yourself an antistatic strap, otherwise you can advertently short out a circuit


  wee eddie 20:58 19 Aug 11

Have you tried Safe Mode. F5 or F8 and wait while all those Drivers load?

Then tell us what happens?

  finerty 17:38 25 Aug 11

as well as Anti static get a smallish paint brush, a toothbrush, a pencil, and some wipes.

Start with the fans: the fan that cools and the heatsink fan.

Using the flat end of the pencil, cover it with the wipe and gently rub around the fan and the grill areas.

If you can remove the heatsink fan that would help remove the dust.

The main obejective is to remove as much dust as possible even in the PSU.

Go to you tube for more ideas on cleaning and removing components


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