medion memory

  mad1234 09:57 23 Oct 06

does anyone have any idea what type of memory is in the medion mim2120.
i know it's 256mb but thats all.
i have been told to take the cover off & have a look but the laptop is still under guarentee so i am a bit reluctant

thanks in advance for all your help

  anskyber 10:05 23 Oct 06

click here And click scan my system. Yes, its safe.

  mad1234 10:11 23 Oct 06

thanks for that - very handy to have but unfortunatly i don't have my laptop here with me. i will try it tonight but was hoping someone could just tell me as i'm trying to find out how mush an additional chip would cost(i know i'm asking a lot but you guys know everything)

  anskyber 10:52 23 Oct 06
  anskyber 10:55 23 Oct 06

Answer from Crucial click here

  mad1234 11:04 23 Oct 06

i new you could do it!
i really appreciate it

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