medion laptop will not boot

  beardie 10 Mar 12

My medion e5218 laptop will not power up. I connected a hdmi cable to the laptop (as usual) but couldn't get a picture on the TV so I shut down the computer and when I went to restart - Nothing. When I press the power button the power led lights up and the disc access led light for a second then goes out and nothing proceeds. I have removed the battery and tried holding down the on/oss switch for 20 seconds, but still nothing. Have tried the recovery disc, and can here the disc run but it then stops and nothing. Any advice appreciated

  rdave13 10 Mar 12

It could be that the power adapter isn't sending out a charge and is faulty. Try booting up with just the power brick connected, without the battery, and if nothing happens then either you should check/replace the fuse to see if that's the fault.

  robin_x 10 Mar 12

Also hold the jack up, down, left and right in case of dodgy connection.

  beardie 10 Mar 12

Have checked the power supply and battery charge, both OK. Have tried to start using only power lead but still not booting. As I mentioned the disc access led, lights for about 1-2 seconds

  Nontek 10 Mar 12

I guess the laptop is at least a few years old, it might simply be the CMOS Battery that needs replacing.

  rdave13 10 Mar 12

If you're sure both battery and power adapter are OK then it sounds like a motherboard problem.

  buteman 10 Mar 12

Try again with the battery and power lead disconnected the hold the start button down for a minute.

Connect the power lead only and then press the start button.

Or try holding on to a radiator while pressing the start button for the minute and then Connect the power lead only hold the radiator again and then press the start button.Worked that way for me twice so worth a try.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10 Mar 12

Will it boot to BIOS?

Try with hard drive out see if it will boot to error message.

When I press the power button the power led lights up and the disc access led light for a second then goes out and nothing proceeds.

Sure this isn't a graphics problem? Use fn+F? key to switch between graphics outputs to screen / external tv


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