Medion external drive 'Drive-n-go'

  Fortyone 10:40 01 May 09

This is not recognised by the PC. I get the motherboard screen briefly, then the XP welcome screen then back to a screen advising that the PC has not started properly and to click on a highlighted 'start PC' which sets the whole cyclical process going again. Ideas please.

  BRYNIT 11:13 01 May 09

If this is the HD2GO drive and you have it in the drive bay on top of the computer pull it away from the connections and reconnect.

  Fortyone 13:22 01 May 09

Thank you for your reply BRYNIT. The HD2GO is connected by a USB to the PC, which has no drive bay. Further comments welcome.

  Marko797 15:47 01 May 09

I don't know what HD2GO is, but if it's an external HDD for additional storage that does not have an OS on it, then u should disconnect/switch off, until ur system starts.

I'm assuming ur OS is on another HDD within the PC tower? If correct, it's similar to my set-up and my PC will not boot when ext HDD is switched on, as the PC looks to the USB connected HDD first, and then advises 'no OS installed'. I then get asked to restart the system.

  BRYNIT 22:58 01 May 09

You may find that the USB is set to first boot. Go into the bios and make your USB last.

  BRYNIT 23:00 01 May 09

Or you could just plug your external USB HD in after windows has loaded.

  Fortyone 18:43 02 May 09

Thank you BRYNIT and Marko797.
Still struggling to make 'connection' abd recognition. The Hard Drive is recognised by another PC, so if looks as if the PC I'm using is not configured. However I tried a simple memory stick and I got the same cyclical response. This seems to confirm something nasty on woodshed. I had a look at the BIOS but there seemed nothing untoward. Could it be a memory problem?

  T0SH 22:32 03 May 09

It may be in your best interest to clarify exactly what it is you are trying to achieve with this "Medion Drive-n-Go" external hard drive ?

Cheers HC

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