medion 2020

  peter1429 10:14 08 Feb 06

i had a virus which would not allow me to do anything on my laptop so i reformatted on the advice of a friend, all well except no modem or sound and vid cards. Need the drivers. Anyone know the chipset or where to get drivers. I think we have recovery discs but all partitions have gone with recovery drive. HELP please.


  Rossi#1 11:37 08 Feb 06

I had the same problem and unfortunatley even medion couldnt recover the lost partitions. Luckily i got a full refund from the retailer. They will help you create a new partition but nothing saves on it.

  Belatucadrus 11:44 08 Feb 06

click here try here.

  woodchip 11:48 08 Feb 06

The drivers should be on the D:\ partition of your Laptop I have the same Laptop.

PS when you format it only clears the C:\ drive if that's what you formatted

  peter1429 14:42 08 Feb 06

i unfortunately formatted all drive and closed all pertitions. Everything else is fine. If i knew chipset i might be able to find drivers

  woodchip 17:47 08 Feb 06

I think you will find it's a "SIS 650" Chipset

Onboard Dial-Up Modem is Driver HSP56 MR-8640L.

click here For Drivers Page

  woodchip 17:49 08 Feb 06

Sorry it took you to the main Page, click on More at the side of drivers then in model type 41191 press enter

  peter1429 21:32 08 Feb 06

thx woodchip will try the drivers i got, should i use the bios update and the hotkey as well

  woodchip 21:37 08 Feb 06

No, I have the same BIOS and it works OK. You should download all the drivers for the Laptop and load them. Save them on to a CDR

  peter1429 12:06 09 Feb 06

thx again i have copied all the drivers for xp and saved them to cdr, just need to find time to sort it thanks for all your help

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