media player win32 error

  sky_123 18:49 17 Dec 07

Hi guys
I've done a search and can't find a solution to this problem. Basically I had windows vista and cause of the slow activity I downgraded to XP but now my media player won't work. If I click on the drive I get D:/ is not a valid win32 application. D being my CD drive trying to use media player to plays CD's or DVDs. I can play them through other applications so its not the drive thats faulty.
I've tried downloading wmp 11 and it won't load just gives error messages. I download 10 and it says its not compatible with my version of windows.
The error messages I get whilst trying to install are
C:\programfiles\windows media player\wmpnetwk.exe is not a valid win32 application

C:\programfiles\windows media player\wmpenc.exe is not a valid win32 application

C:\programfiles\windows media player\wmpenc.exe is not a valid win32 application.

then the download closes.

can anyone help or tell me how to remove wmp totally and recommend another application that works the same way. I tried add/remove programs but it didn't uninstall it completely.


  brundle 19:25 17 Dec 07

Get MS Installer cleanup and remove remnants of WMP click here


Get CCleaner click here, clear temporary files, run registry cleaner

Download WMP11 here; click here


  sky_123 12:39 18 Dec 07

thanks for your response. unfortunately it didn't work. I got the same 3 error messages upon install.

I removed all the files that came up on the Ms installer cleanup and the CCleaner and then downloaded WMP11 but got the same problem.

will reinstalling xp help?

  brundle 18:41 18 Dec 07

It should solve the problem altogether. When you `downgraded`, was that via a complete format and re-install of XP too? You shouldn't have to repeat that process but then again if it was only recently you won't lose much in the way of configuration settings.

  sky_123 03:42 19 Dec 07

I booted off the CD and saved to the recommended partition. nearly all of my old files are still on the machine so maybe not a complete format. Ok I will give it a go. thx

  sky_123 21:05 19 Dec 07

I reinstalled the same way and had the same problem so did a full format and it all appears to be fine. just need to reinstall all the software and drivers now. thanks for your help

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