Media Player display

  jcks007 09:49 AM 04 Oct 11


I'm using my laptop to display images in a presentation on stage. They are video files, but I need to be able to discretely pause and then play them in case they get out of sync with the band. However all the media players I've come across show the little pause symbol "II" or the play symbol whenever I use the keyboard shortcuts. Does anyone know how to prevent these popping up or if there is a media player that will play videos without them popping up? I've tried WMP but the player commands keep popping up whenever I pause the videos so that isn't any good.


  BRYNIT 10:34 AM 04 Oct 11

I could be wrong but I don't think this is to do with the program you are using but the laptop its self showing the "ll" when mute is pressed. Some multimedia keyboard do the same when the driver/program are installed.

Try pressing the mute key without any media programs open if it still shows its the program that controls the keys on the laptop.

  Tim1964 00:07 AM 05 Oct 11

I use the KM player on my laptop. When the mouse/touchpad is double clicked the programme pauses/plays with nothing on the screen but the prog itself.

It's free and plays anything I've used on it.

  mobing 04:41 AM 08 Oct 11

try the kmplayer ,seems ok ! thank you !


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