Media Player 9 - msdmo.dll problem

  TOMWAT 20:02 08 Aug 04

Running XP Home & XP Professional
have downloaded Media player 9 but it will not install correctly. using the wizard it gets half way through set up and I get error message (cannot find msdmo.dll try reinstaling) this does not work. msdmo.dll is definately on the PC.
Any advice please

  stalion 21:39 08 Aug 04


  stalion 21:50 08 Aug 04

did you download from the microsoft site?

  JoeC 21:52 08 Aug 04

I had this once before. I ended up re-downloading with antivirus and firewall disabled ( yes, I know ). I also had to Ctrl-Alt-Del everything but explorer and systray prior to ( finally ) installing correctly. Seems AV can corrupt a downlaod / installation.
I sweated buckets. . . . : }

  TOMWAT 19:16 09 Aug 04

Yes I did download from MS after having the problem,3 times

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