Media Player 9 database file

  Brian-336451 21:44 28 Nov 03

Does anyone know how to delete the computer's database of media so that it can be forced to re-creating an updated one.

I'm having some difficulty with tracks being shown that I've actually deleted off the machine.

I've tried letting the computer search the (partition) drive but it still gives the ones that I've manually deleted.


  christmascracker 21:54 28 Nov 03

Try options, privacy at the bottom clear history & clear cd/dvd.

  Brian-336451 22:30 28 Nov 03

What I'm trying to achieve is the program to take a look at my 'media' partition and start from scratch with what I've actually GOT, not what 'used to be there'.

Thanks for those buttons, I hadn't noticed them either!

  toxin 22:37 28 Nov 03

Hi Brian,

Try this:- Docs & settings>your login name>Application data>Microsoft>Media Player.
The file should be there; "Current database"

Delete it and start again.

Hope this helps, Toxin

  toxin 23:11 28 Nov 03

Hi Brian again!

Sorry, I missed a link in the search chain.

After you're Login Name it should be 'Local Settings' then Appl Data etc.

Apologies for any confusion, Toxin.

  Brian-336451 04:04 29 Nov 03


Thanks a bunch, that's it. I deleted the file and hey presto, all the stuff is gone.

Will let it search in the morning (what's left of it). Downwind of a bottle of Merlot, so the world is good.

Media Player database reset is a bonus. . . thanks.

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