Media Library - Media Player 9 in XP

  Taff36 14:04 12 Mar 03

An annoying feature of Media Player 9 is that when it updates track information in Media Library it separates a couple of tracks from the main album entry and puts them under a duplicate album entry as if they don`t relate to the album but all the information is there!

The album can`t therefore be played or copied in the original track order.I don`t seem to be able to manually correct the situation either.

Any suggestions?

  toxin 14:53 12 Mar 03

Hi Taff36!

have you tried the following:-
The last box "Rename & rearrange" make sure it's Unchecked.

One query I have is: Can you get into advanced tag editor, without the boxes being greyed out,
if so, how? because I can't and I'd like to know how.

  Taff36 15:39 12 Mar 03

Thanks Toxin BUT it is unchecked already.

I can`t find any advanced tag other than on the DVD Tab. When I go into that the options are for iviaudio only. Is this the one you refer to?

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