Media Centre - "Add Folders to watch"

  six-h 16:03 28 Aug 08

When I set up Media Centre, it automatically "watched" the C:/ drive for content.
Since I have my data on another sector, (F:/ Data), I went through the folders meticulously selecting those concerned with picture, music, video etc.
Now Media Centre "Watches" the entire F:/ drive!
I've tried selecting "Stop watching" under settings, but so far it's totally ignored me!
How can I gain control of what it "Sees"??

  six-h 00:10 06 Nov 08

guess that's a "don't know" then:)

  MCE2K5 00:17 06 Nov 08

XP or Vista?

  six-h 01:41 06 Nov 08

MCE2K5, thanks for replying!
I've got Vista Ultimate on my new machine, and just playing with the toys, I told Media Centre to watch my specific "media" folders, and then found it was watching my entire F\ drive, and now I can't "un-watch" it, if you know what I mean! lol

Since I didn't get any response, I resorted to MS communities forums, and they advised that it was a known fault with Media Centre, but there is no fix as yet. I guess I'll just have to live with it, unless you have found one??

  MCE2K5 01:50 06 Nov 08

The way I do it, Is to Put a Tick by the Folders I need and do not Tick the Drive Letter otherwise it selects the whole Drive.

To double check, I will setup my Vista Ultimate PC tomorrow and get back to you.

Meanwhile have a look at this click here

  six-h 02:57 06 Nov 08

MCE2K5, had a look at the guide you link to, and confirm that that is what I did!
checking the specific folders to watch, resulted in the entire drive being watched!
Attempting to "unwatch" the "inappropriate" folders as shown in the guide, has no effect what so ever!
Same when I tried to "unwatch" the whole F:\ drive!
Don't try it on your machine, or you will also be unable to reverse it!
I'll check back on this thread tonight, since I won't get any notifications now!!

  MCE2K5 03:13 06 Nov 08

Have you tried setting Watched Folders in Windows Media Player,

Tools, Options, Library, Monitor Folder button.
There are Add/Remove Otions in there.

  MCE2K5 03:42 06 Nov 08

That's Options not Otions ;-)

  six-h 15:27 06 Nov 08

Yes, :-(
Same result!

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