Media Center not picking up TV signal

  Pat.B 17:06 13 May 06

For several months I've had my PC connected to a VCR, and the TV signal connected to the VCR. This enabled me to watch TV or play videos from the VCR on the PC monitor, and it worked perfectly until last weekend. Suddenly I could pick up TV channels, but not a video tape playing on the VCR. There doesn't appear to be anything wrong with the VCR - I've connected it to a portable TV to test it. Then a couple of days later the PC stopped picking up TV as well -it says that there is no signal.

Any ideas?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:14 13 May 06

try to rescan for channels while you are playing a tape

  Pat.B 17:44 13 May 06

Thanks for the suggestion Fruit Bat; just tried it, and it says no services are available.

  Jimmy14 18:02 13 May 06

I had this type of problem when I just bought my media center pc in April. I connected my freeview box (analogue signal) to my dvd player and then connected it to my pc and using media center it sayed there was no services available so what I had to do was buy a scart lead with a composite video on the other end and connect the freeview box to my computer and now it works fine.

Maybe you should just connect the analogue signal straight to the computer but I don't know why its not picking it up from the vcr just like mine didn't pick it up from the dvd player

  Pat.B 20:12 13 May 06

Thanks - I've connected the analogue signal to the PC,and that works. Now I just need to work out how to connect the VCR!

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