ME upgrade to XP - best approach?

  scales 21:31 30 Aug 07

I have a ME machine the kids use for games. As more of their games now need XP I thought I would upgrade, so now the question - what is the best option? Do I a) get an XP upgrade and upgrade, or do I b) get an upgrade and clean install, or do I c) buy an OEM version and clean install? Basically I want to do the least work on the thing to get it a bit more up to date. I put a new hard drive in it last month and I spent some time making sure I didn't lose anything so now I am a bit loath to just wipe everything and start again.

  PP321 21:42 30 Aug 07

If you have a machine running ME , then the chances are its rather old , most of the modern games require a half decent computer, so before splashing out on an OS , get a list of the games they want to play, and then see (via the games's websites system requirements) if your machine will run them.

To answer your question, i ALLWAYS prefer a clean install.

Do you know the specs of the system?

  scales 22:01 30 Aug 07

It is about 6 years old Tiny machine but it does have 256 MB memory with a Pentium 4 chip.

  Strawballs 22:07 30 Aug 07

256 is the bare minimum to run XP, I would up that

  VoG II 22:08 30 Aug 07

click here

You would benefit from increasing the memory click here

  PP321 22:12 30 Aug 07

My origonal advice still stands.

I think it'll struggle on todays games.

  scales 23:33 30 Aug 07

OK, I will check out exactly what they have in mind to play. Thanks for the links, I think the machine will be creaking a bit even with extra memory. Cheers.

  woodchip 23:38 30 Aug 07

It may need a better Graphics card, that makes the PC not cost effective. Use the old comp for what you do now and buy a new system box that you can plug into the system with the right hardware

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